This Galileo C-SS80 800mm x 80mm Astronomical Reflector Telescope and Galileo #G-SPA Smartphone Adapter kit lets you use the camera feature on your Smartphone to take pictures or video through the optics of your telescope, or use your smartphone to assist navigating your telescope view to your celestial object of interest. Finding your target is easy with its Altitude Azimuth Tracker mount featuring slow motion altitude and azimuth adjustment rods for precision adjustments, attached to a sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod featuring an accessory tray with slots to place 4 1¼" eyepieces or lenses and retractable rubber feet. The tripod also features a removable, red LED observation light. The light can be used mounted for identifying eyepiece size or can be removed if the user wants to read instructions or star charts.

The Galileo C-SS80 optical tube assembly features an 800mm focal length. The primary mirror is 80mm in diameter and is mounted in a heavy duty mirror cell with push / pull collimation screws. The finderscope is Galileo’s Mars’ Eye electronic RED DOT Finderscope which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Also included with the C-SS80 are 1¼" 10mm Plössl eyepiece, a 1¼" 25mm Astroscopic Eyepiece and a 2 element 3x Astroscopic Barlow that triples the power of each eyepiece(399x and 120x Power/Magnification).
As well as mounting to the telescope, the Galileo #G-SPA Smartphone adapter lets you use the camera feature on your smartphone to take pictures or video through the optics of your Telescope (or very own binoculars, spotting scope, microscope etc. as well). It also allows you to mount your Smartphone on a standard camera tripod (not included) for hands-free video calls, family photos with everyone in the picture, or anytime you want to include yourself in the action. Fits most popular smartphones.

  • New Cassini TRACKER mount
    w/Slow Motion Vertical & Horizontal Manual Controls
  • 800mm x 80mm Optical Tube Assembly
  • Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (λ4)
  • Removable, tripod mounted red LED observation light
  • Fully Adjustable Heavy Duty, Pre-assembled Metal Tripod
    w/Accessory Tray
  • Cassini Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope
  • 1¼" Helical Rack & Pinion Focusing
  • 1¼" 10mm Plössl Eyepiece
  • 1¼" 25mm Astroscopic Eyepiece
  • 1¼" 3x 2-Element Astroscopic Barlow
  • Cassini Stellarium CD-ROM
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Galileo G-SPA

  • Fits all popular smartphones with or without cases
  • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • Mount your Smartphone on a standard camera tripod
  • Navigation function requires 3rd party app – Not included


Cassini C-SS80

M.S.R.P $ $369.95




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