Introducing the Cassini C-SK3 Digital Golf Score Keeper. No more paper score cards getting wet in the rain and no more pencils to break or lose!

The Cassini C-SK3 Digital Golf Score Keeper records scores for up to four players playing on any of 8 courses you want to save and retains those scores in one of six memory locations for recall before your next round. The information is displayed on its jumbo-sized LCD screen.

The Cassini C-SK3 Digital Golf Score Keeper features FOUR modes:

  • A clock/calendar mode including a daily alarm, that displays year, month, day, date, hour, minutes and seconds.
  • A Golf Score Keeper mode that lets you keep scores for up to four players.

    Just select a player…. (A, B, C, or D),
    Advance the display to the current hole being played,
    and then simply enter strokes with a press of a button and even your putts as they happen.
    When the time comes to move to the next hole, you simply repeat the process.

  • A Course Setting mode that lets you store Par Information for up to 8 different courses

  • A Past Memory mode with six memory locations that records scores for up to four players and even retains the scores in memory after shutting off.

Scores can be displayed for each individual player, grouped for easy analysis into the first 9 holes, the latter 9 holes, and a Final Score encompassing all 18 holes.

Its small size, lightweight body, and easy operation make one handed use simple and the included lanyard and belt clip insure its always within reach and ready for a round.

The Cassini C-SK3 Digital Golf Score Keeper brings you Easy and Accurate Score Keeping every round you play!

The Cassini C-SK3 Electronic Golf Scorecard Features and Benefits:
  • Take Scores for 4 Players’ Team Competition
    or Individual Exercise
  • Record 8 Courses Par Information.
  • Stores 6 of your last games results in memory
  • Count Putts as well as Strokes
  • Score Statistic Analysis
  • Clock(12/24 hour format)
  • Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Large LCD display
  • Includes Lanyard and Belt Clip
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


Cassini C-SK3

M.S.R.P $ 39.95




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